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VIP Speakers In Taiwan
Welcome to attending our VIP Seminar Programs during DRT Show Taiwan 31 May - 2 June 2019.
Mr. Enzo Chen, Taiwan

Enzo has been engaged in underwater photography since 1990. He was the first full-time television, film, commercial, and underwater photographer in Taiwan and has produced more than 30 TV and film works. Enzo has provided content magazines and underwater journals, sharing his skills, expertise and his technical knowledge of equipment. He is also the pioneer in many underwater photography skills. Enzo has a high level of skill in the use of light and in composition. Through his lens, the unique, charming and cute features of deep sea creatures are revealed.
Mr. Marco Chang, Taiwan

Marco Chang, who is a creative advertiser as his career. Back in 2008, he started to dive and were attractive by the fascinated underwater world. On the summer of 2013, he has upgraded his camera by using DSLR and since then, it has been his most powerful weapon thru out his 7 years underwater photography. In 2012, encouraged by seniors, he started to compete his works on multiples contests and had won many prizes during the contests. Marco Chang hope people will not just see the beauty of ocean but will take more serious concern on ocean conservation. He will continue to take more great photos, so that thru his lens, people will love the ocean as he does.
Ms. Violet Ting, Taiwan/Malaysia
Underwater Photographer

Violet, in May 2015, joined “SNUPS” competition organized by the Philippines. One of the criteria during this competition was a zero editing shootout. She was awarded 1st place in Nudibranch portrait, 1st place in Macro and the Silver prize Photographer of the year. She then became the first Asian female for the #25 cover story of Europe online magazine Scubashooter and the interviewee of Malaysia China Post. For her, capturing moods and moments is a beautiful thing. Underwater photography is about feeling the mood of any given subject and transforming that moment into a visual art that connects with the viewers. This is her way in expressing visual photography.
Mr. Jay Ku, Taiwan
Freediving Instructor

Freediving is the sport which is full of challenge. People can start to learn about our ocean with relaxing and any skill naturally. Since 2009, Jay started to learn about free diving. He loves travel of diving. Also in recording every ecology and geomorphology when he has activities in the coast of Taiwan. Nowadays, he is dedicate free diving's promotion and teaching. Expecting more people to recognize this kind of sport and meet with ocean, love ocean.
Mr. Lee YenYi, Taiwan

YenYi Lee is an award-winning Taiwanese underwater photographer with endless passion for the ocean. He was certified as a scuba diver at 2010 and started underwater photography at 2011. He is so fascinated by the mystery of the ocean and what becomes part of his life is to discover the ocean with his camera. He likes to observe the relationship between the marine lives, ocean, and human beings. He always commits himself to create a unique and artistic reflection of what he sees through his eyes and his lens - to capture the beauty of the world and share it with people. Besides underwater photography, he also loves landscape and wildlife photography.
Mr. Su Huai, Taiwan
Co-founder of Islander Divers/Marine Conservation Photographer/PADI Diving Instructor

Su Huai has been diving in many countries and Taiwan provides the environment he loves the most in the world. Islander Divers is dedicated to connect people with marine culture and environment through photography and writing, wanting to introduce various aspects of oceans to the world. Su Huai hopes that oceans could be a part of everyone’s daily life. He is now based in Xiaoliuqiu which is known as Turtle Island, focusing on documenting sea turtles and advocating marine conservation and marine education.
Ms. Fong ChiaLing, Taiwan
Marine Biologist/Co-founder of TurtleSpot Taiwan

ChiaLing became a sea turtle lover after being impressed by the laying of sea turtles during undergraduate. She has been working on sea turtle research and conservation outreach for more than 10 years. She enjoys traveling around Taiwan and meeting the turtle friends during diving. Therefore, a citizen-science project called “TurtleSpot Taiwan” was founded to collect the photo sightings of sea turtles and to share the information of sea turtles to the public.
Mr. Allen Lee, Taiwan

Allen learned diving in 1997 and fell in love with underwater photography in 2000. He is very enthusiastic about ecology photography. In 2013, to provide an opportunity that divers can share the knowledge of underwater photography and ecology, he founded an Underwater Photography Club on Facebook. In 2015, his first solo photographic exhibition took place. His works were also published in French National Geography, EZDIVE Magazine, Rhythms Monthly, Science Monthly, Mandarin Daily News, and so on. He has been doing underwater photography in Kenting for many years and he highly recommends Taiwan's underwater ecology.
Ms. Maggie Yang, Taiwan
Founder of MermaidArt.TW

Maggie (also named MermaidHeart) is a recognized professional mermaid performer in Taiwan and the Founder of MermaidArt.TW which is the first mermaid professional training school in Taiwan. She is also an AIDA level 3 freediver, an AIDA Monofin freediver, and a Taiwan’s DYN record holder (year 2018). Maggie leads the mermaid movement in Taiwan with MFI mermaid education system. She strives to connect people and the ocean with the concept and practices of mermaid and promote marine conservation and be the spokesperson for marine life as well.
Mr. Mingo Lee, Taiwan
Underwater Photographer/SDITDI Instructor Trainer

Lee ShihMing, also known as Mingo, he starts his scuba diving career in 1996. Mingo currently is the SDITDI Instructor Trainer, and also a marine life videographer. In 2015, Mingo worked with China Airline to play his underwater production of all over the world. Not to mention that he has been cooperated with different movie directors. Among these movie productions, Formosa 3D is the special one because it’s required more than 3D videography technique; it required the ability to use it underwater. Mingo is putting the marine conservation information spreading in action by sharing his videos. He also is the lecturer/consultant of the Fishery to Scuba Diving Tourism Transformation Program of Taiwan offshore islands. He even united the local people of the Liuqiu Island to spontaneously hold a marine concert to promote the idea of establishing the Marine Protected Areas in Taiwan. By doing all these acts, Mingo wants to spread the beauties of ocean to everyone on earth, and then catching up the problems that mother sea is facing.
Dr. Hans Ho, Taiwan
Associate Research Fellow/Associate Professor

Born in Chiayi, Hans has been a nature lover from his childhood. After earning his doctorate in 2010, Hans joined National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium. Now he is served as Associate Research Fellow of National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium and Associate Professor of National Dong Hwa University. Hans is one of the few specialists in the study of anglerfishes in the world. Besides, he is also specialized in fish diversity in Taiwan.
Mr. Afa Zhang, Taiwan
Freediving Instructor/Underwater Model

"The sky is unlimited. I roll the dice perhaps because I have nothing to lose". Suffering from depression in 2017, he gave up his dream of stage performance and devoted his life and soul to the ocean through his passion for freediving instead. "I can be identified as a freediving instructor, a dancer, or an underwater model, but I prefer to Afa." He wishes to pass on the strength given to him by the ocean to those who cannot experience it personally, with the hope that more people will cherish and protect our deep water resources. Before jumping into the ocean, Afa didn't understand the reason why we should change the convenient habits. However, now he urges his students to reduce the use of non-reusable products, advocating and promoting environmental awareness through his freediving classes in DEEPSOUL (Liuqiu).
Mr. Ray Chin, Taiwan

Ray joined in Kuroshio Ocean Education Foundation in 2001. After that, he has taken most of his time to research wholphin, and has taken a lot of pictures. Also he is engaged in environmental education and works on relative issues. Beginning shooting on the water, Ray started to search for wholphin within Taiwanese waters in 2007. In the course of that, he made numerous trips to Tonga, Sri Lanka and other regions to take pictures of different kinds of wholpin. He successfully got the perfect shot of Sperm Whale, Pseudorca crassidens and Spinner Dolphin since 2012, and it’s still continuing……
Dr. Cheng IJiunn, Taiwan
Honorary Professor of Institute of Marine Biology, National Taiwan Ocean University

Professor Cheng IJiunn graduated from the Ocean Research Center of the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He is the first researcher to carry out sea turtle ecological conservation in Taiwan. He also devotes himself to the promotion of marine conservation. Professor Cheng currently serves as an honorary professor at the Institute of Marine Biology, National Taiwan Ocean University.
Mr. Takuya Torii, Japan
Division Director of INON Global Operation Division

Collecting feedback from the market, Torii san has been working for INON more than a decade. He loves meeting with enthusiastic people fascinated in the ocean, diving and underwater imaging to get inspired as one of those people. Always travels with movable booth which could be interpreted as a 4-dimensional pocket of Doraemon as it carries many of demonstration units and prototype models sometime to enhance his messages.
Mr. Parnupong Norasethkamol (Nu), Thailand
Underwater Videographer

Nu was born and grew up in Bangkok, Thailand. He studied architectural design and started his first dive in Phuket after he had graduated from university. Nu is an avid Thai diver who has a strong passion in the marvelous diving locations in Asia and around the world. He works full-time as a U/W videographer on many liveaboards that operate in best Asia’s dive destinations such as Komodo, Raja Ampat, Andaman sea, Palau ,etc. His underwater skills lead him to get awards in prominent world-class photo competitions. Now he works full-time on liveaboard in Indonesia. He is enjoyed with exploring the diverse reef in Indonesia. He loves to share his work to inspired people for saving our Ocean. Our Ocean, Our Responsibility.
Mr. Lin HiYang, Taiwan
Founder of Chinese Diving Tourism Development Union (CDTDU) and Taiwan Ocean Security Conserve Association, TOSCA

Mr. Lin is a senior instructor of scuba diving in Taiwan. He has over 40 years of experience in scuba diving, specializing in both leisure and education. He served as the Chief Instructor of Coast Guard Administration of the Ocean Affairs Council from 2000 to 2016, helped train many of the top coastal guards for coastal protection and civilian rescue. In 2018, He establishes Chinese Diving Tourism Development Union, a platform creates opportunities for professional coaches to thrive and make the deep water more accessible to more divers. Tours are organized by experienced coaches, guiding the divers to explore famous dive sites both domestic and across the seven seas. Understanding the ocean is the most precious yet fragile resource shared by all mankind, Mr. Lin continuously promotes volunteer work to protect marine life and regularly conducts technical exchange with international diving organizations all over the world.
Mr. Zulkarnain Ng, Singapore

Former Art Director with several design house and international advertising company Zul is also the founder of BLANCommunication & StudioZEROillus. This is where he continue practice his creative as an Art Director, photographer and fine art artist which he handle from artwork to visual communication media as part of his daily routine a combination which give him a perfect gel between creativity and beauty of nature. In 2005 he found this technique call Luminance and he continues practicing till today.

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